Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Abortion

This Rant may not apply to public employees except that we are people too.

Make no mistake, I am against abortion. However, there are a few things worse than having an abortion, and at the top of the list is having government dictate whether and how such a drastic medical procedure will occur.

Abortion is an effective means of ending a pregnancy, but it is not efficacious method of birth control and should never be a substitute for more appropriate methods. At one time, I was something of an expert on birth control because I was a very well trained drug rep selling the various means of preventing pregnancy to physicians.

In the early 70’s, abortion was illegal in Florida, and I was well aware of the avenues open to some unfortunate but economically privileged females faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Poor women had to fend for themselves. None were good options. Fortunately, the Supreme Court did the right thing in Roe vs. Wade by finding a right to privacy for a female in making such a serious decision. The availability of safer options became widespread.

Since that day, there has been a deluge of effort by right wing conservative political ideologs (I am being kind here.) to strip the right to make such a decision from the only persons with a stake in the decision, the woman and her physician. The reasons for such an intrusion into someone else’s life may seem compelling to some, but they are wrong. And all the efforts to make it more difficult or even illegal are more immoral that the act of abortion itself.

For some illogical reason that I have never understood, the same pin headed politicians who take a stand against legal abortion also reject publicly funded sex education and making affordable birth control available to all. They even recoil against HIV education because they would rather use scare tactics to try to persuade people not to fornicate outside the bonds of marital bliss.

Just say no to drugs AND sex. How is that working out for ya?

They not only want to deprive aid to the poor women who have children they cannot afford but also want to prevent them from doing anything that might reduce the number of children they produce.

Albert Einstein was right. “Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result.”

Just yesterday, April 30, 2010, the Florida Legislature passed a piece of draconian legislation designed to pander to the right wingers and to punish women even more than before. Maybe, just maybe, the governor will do the right thing exercise his veto power like he did on SB 06. As you may recall, SB 06 was about public employees and public education.

Remember who did this to you on Election Day. Nearly all have an R behind their names.

And Oh yes, have a Nice Day.


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