Sunday, May 16, 2010

Caveat Lectores on FPF Convention 2010

For those attending the FPF 2010 Convention please stop by one of the two workshops put on by the FPF/Lectores Lobbying School. Check the agenda for times and location. All this year’s seminars should be attended by new and senior leaders. There is a good variety of opportunities to learn new skills and relearn the old ones.

We will be discussing the true skinny how to's of successful lobbying. FPF Lobbyist Randy Touchton will assist with helpful real time knowledge of what happened in Tally.

For those of you not attending, shame on you. How do you expect to get ahead if you are always behind?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Some of you are not firefighters who belong to the Florida Professional Firefighters. Sorry about my ignorance.

You can always get a CD copy of the Lectores Labor Lobbying School by ordering a copy for $20.00. The Lector’s creditors like that idea.

You can also get a digital copy for free by subscribing to Caveat Lectores by Jeff Carnes. This is a limited time offer. Subscribe today. If I get 500 new subscriptions by June 1, 2010, I get a free trip to summer camp at the Devil’s Neck. Daniel will hate me if he has to process and send out 500 copies of the Lectores Labor Lobbying School. He will get over it.

How are things going with your Local these days? Why not quit losing the battle?

And Oh yes, have a nice Day?


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