Saturday, May 29, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Less Big Government and States’ Rights

Now is the time for Bobby Jindal and the four other rePuPlican governors whose states border the Gulf of Mexico to stand tall along with the Tea Baggers who call for less government intrusion and more free enterprise.

Now it the time to demand the federal government stay out of the their state’s lands and waters while they consummate their public/private partnership with BP, Halliburton and TransOcean to clean up the mess created when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up killing 11 people and began spurting crude oil and natural gas into the gulf waters.

Let private enterprise and the free markets self police themselves without the interference of “big government.” It is only a fucking oil spill. JFTDC! It is not like it is a national emergency or a terrorist strike by 19 Saudi Arabians that requires the invasion of Iraq. There are 45 states that do not border the Gulf of Mexico. If the Feds get involved, this will just be another instance of the creeping socialism that must be avoided at all costs.

These rePuPlican governors control the politics in five southern states that have for all of my life sounded the “states’ rights” mantra. It is now time for the states to step up to the pump (pun intended) and show what they are made of.

Tell the Feds and their greedy, incompetent public employees to go to hell. We don’t need no stinking public employees to regulate the drilling operations, clean the beaches or stop the leak in the floor of the Gulf. We don’t need no filthy federal dollars to finance the effort. The oil companies are perfectly capable of stopping the flow and scooping up the crude. After that, they will replant all the vegetation and restore the marine life. They will also pay for the damages they caused to the businesses that depend on the Gulf of Mexico. That is what self regulating ethical businesses do. Why would anyone expect less?

Newly unemployed Elizabeth Birnbaum former director of the Minerals Management Service, the federal agency in charge of regulating the oil and gas industry, is the underlying cause of this entire hubbub. She was on the job but asleep at the wheel for 10 months. This federal agency is tasked with interfering with the free market, unregulated operation of mining and sucking crude oil from the ocean floor. They caused the oil spill by being unsuccessful in requiring oil producers to maintain safe oil platforms. The fact that the prior “laissez-faire” rePuPlican administration, headed by oil men Bush and Cheney, turned a blind eye to big oil and environmental dangers is not the point. Birnbaum and Obama were in charge when the disaster occurred and have to pay the price. Let’s impeach Obama. Yeah, that will stop the oil flow.

Do not allow “big government” to fail again. Let the rePuPlican governors of these five gulf border states and the private oil companies handle this. It is not a big deal.

If this whole Rant fails to make sense to you, you got the idea. If it does make sense, you are a Tea Bagger. Neither Caveat Lectores nor Ron White can fix stupid.

And Oh yes, have a nice day?


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