Friday, April 30, 2010

Caveat Lectores Says: Drill Baby Drill!

WTF? JFTDC. So now it’s not such a good idea to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Why should we suddenly get environmental religion just because there is an environmental disaster in the Gulf? There is a gas station next door to this office that is selling gasoline for $3.29 per. We need to get the price of fuel down where it belongs. I do not like oysters anyway. We can get shrimp from Pakistan.

The Gulf is already ruined. The Mississippi Delta region will look like an asphalt parking lot in a few weeks. WTF are we so concerned about? President Obama, all of a sudden, is rethinking his support for Gulf drilling, and Governor Charlie Crust has changed his mind as well. The energy whores in the Washington Beltway do not know what to do.

Caveat Lectores knows what to do. Let’s drain the Gulf of Mexico and pump out all the oil while they are trying to figure out how to salvage an entire ecosystem. This is not rocket science. We need the oil godamitall. Drill Baby Drill!

And Oh yes, Have a nice Day?


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