Monday, May 10, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Doomsday Predictions About Global Warming

The Lector does not know WTF to believe. So I share three videos that address some of the issues.

The last one comes from Glenn Beck. Apparently, there are several where he denies global warming and attacks Al Gore, which is not too hard to do. Al Gore was the first loser to lose the presidential election to W. Bush. What a putz. I still blame him and the Democraps for allowing W. Bush to screw me over for two terms. But I’m not bitter.

The fact that Glenn Beck has weighed in on something of which he knows nothing is enough to convince me that all the talk about global warming must be true.

I know that there is a warming of the world going on. If you do not share that knowledge, where the hell have you been? The polar ice is melting. Ice only melts when the temperature gets warmer. JFTDC. That part is not rocket science. Whether modern man is contributing to the well documented phenomenon is open to conjecture.

It could be a natural weather cycle that will decimate much of the earth’s coastal communities and low lands, or it could be something to which we are contributing that will decimate the earth’s peoples. Either way we are screwed. BOHICA.

There are some real issues that the portion of the human race represented by Glenn Beck et al would like to ignore. Fortunately, I will probably be dead of old age before the worst happens, but it still will be a crisis for those I left behind. Global warming will not subside because I stick my head up my ass and deny it is happening.

Casa Carnes is 53 feet above sea level. Global warming could turn Casa Carnes into waterfront property, but I do care that others may suffer while my land becomes more valuable.

I am assuming that Glenn Beck also thinks the world was literally created in 6 days. Maybe the Lector should save that for another Rant.

And Oh yes, have a Nice Day?


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