Saturday, May 29, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Racism, Bigotry and the First Amendment

Just a few minutes ago, Caveat Lectores received an email that directed me to the site listed below:

I went there just to see what it was even though I knew something was up. The individual who sent the email is the person who is responsible for most but not all the racist bullshit that hits my email inbox. He has banned me from sending him responses but sends his crap anyway. You gotta love him. I just delete most that comes in but occasionally curiosity gets to me.

Caveat Lectores is reposting the site to express utter outrage that something like this exists. Apparently, the site is not new or unknown. Googling “border patrol game” returned 537,000 hits. The website is a game that allows the player to place a scope sight on the head of a moving target consisting of a pregnant woman running across a border with two small children in tow. Hitting the target explodes the pregnant woman’s head into a bloody mess and gives points for killing “wetbacks.” One hit rewards the shooter with four points. It is easy to assume “wetbacks” refers to Mexican immigrants, but I suppose it could refer to Canadians and others as well.

Yeah, right.

The Lector does not suggest this site should be outlawed. The First Amendment is a wonderful thing that protects even hate speech. Obscenity is addressed only in terms of sexual content. We worry more about images of people fucking (that’s right fucking) than we worry about racism and hate speech that encourages violence. I will assume the leaders of the various religious orders who have seen this are organizing rallies in protest. No Christian, Jew, Muslim or anyone else who has any moral fiber could help but go ballistic at seeing this.

Anyone who thinks this is amusing or entertaining should be castigated, ridiculed and held in contempt by a civilized society. I can only hope that is not you. If you do like this trash, please do not tell me who you are. I do not want to know for I would think less of you until the day I die. Unlike Fox News, there is nothing fair and balanced about me.

And oh yes, have a nice day?


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