Saturday, April 10, 2010

Caveat Lectores on the Devil’s Neck Experience

We just completed the annual Devil’s Neck Labor/Management Kumbaya Retreat for 2010, and it was an unparalleled success. We completed the graduation ceremonies just before the bottom fell out of the clouds. The participant was pleased that we could get in our car before the deluge.

The Enhanced version of the Devil’s Neck Labor/Management Kumbaya Retreat was particularly popular this year among the management participants. For only $500.00 more, it really is a good value to just get the credit without actually having to attend. The instructional literature along with T-shirt, embossed ball cap and the coveted Lectores Labor Institute Graduate Certification will be in the mail soon for those who chose this option. We will need all the pictures sent to us before we can Photoshop anyone into the group picture.

For those who disregarded the on-site festivities, you missed out on the Friday night BBQ and Beerfest featuring smoked Ass of Yak and craft beers from all over the Devil’s Neck area. PBR was the group’s favorite, but Mickey’s Wide Mouth Malt Liquor came in a close second. The late night naked swim in the lake was marred only by the unfortunate incident with the Gator Bait Lodge’s pet. A few stitches and all the body parts are nearly as before. We do not expect any future issues with Bob’s ability to procreate.

Saturday’s final exam was hindered only because no one brought pencils and paper for the exam. We cannot be responsible for everything. Personal responsibility is just that. Next year, we will complete all the work on-line. It seems every participant had a Blackberry cranked up during the whole set of seminars. It took two days for anyone to realize there was no cellular or internet signal which give cause to wonder at what you were staring so intently.

For the next Devil’s Neck Labor/Management Kumbaya Retreat, we anticipate an airboat ride to the Sleepy Hollow Biker Bar in nearby Floral City. Be there or not. If not, just send the extra $500.00 for the Enhanced version. Cash only. To make reservations, just call the toll free number 800-YOU-BHAD.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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