Friday, April 2, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Friendship and Love

The Florida legislature is in session. Nobody is safe. The same is true elsewhere.
It is very important that public employees pay close attention to what is happening and keep careful notes of who is in favor of public employees and who is not. It is not as simple as just looking at who voted for what. You must identify the drivers of this out of control train.

Once you have fully identified who seeks to break your back, destroy your careers and will continue to do so if allowed. Here is what you must do.

Make the m*th*r f*ck*rs pay! Make them suffer! Make them get a job elsewhere!

If there is anything about that you do not understand, give me a call and I will explain in more graphic terms.

Usually, I take a kinder and gentler approach to political action. But no more until somebody gets the right idea about how to treat public employees.

And Oh yes, Have a nice day?

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