Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Devil’s Neck Investment Opportunity

Today’s Caveat Lectores Rant is dedicated to Glenn Turner and Jim Bakker.

Things have been going so well at the Devil’s Neck Conference Center, the Board decided to syndicate the Devil’s Neck. For the minuscule price of $5000.00 (cash), you can become a part of history.

For this modest stipend, you will have unlimited 24/7 access to the Devil’s Neck. No more reservations or conference fees. No more annoying seminars to attend. You will automatically receive full credit for each and every workshop offered at the Devil’s Neck Conference Center, no matter what the subject.

How can Caveat Lectores make such an offer, you ask? Here’s how. Caveat Lectores has no ownership interest whatsoever in Devil’s Neck. All we are offering is an opportunity to spend your money for nothing in return. What could be simpler?

In order to avoid annoying issues with the IRS and the USPS, you must deliver the full amount in cash and in person. Just place the stipend (small bills please) in the former mail box in front of the Center. Dr. Hooby Boo checks the box daily. Be sure to leave a business card with the money so he will know to whom to send a thank you card or maybe not.

Where did Caveat Lectores get such an idea? A well connected Florida political party, of course. They developed a brilliant plan to take political donations from lobbyists, corporations, and the wealthy and not so wealthy true believers and use the money to live large while cajoling others to give even more donations. Ya gotta love ‘em. Like they say. It takes money to make money. Caveat Lectores wants some of that action.

In the interest of full disclosure, be assured, Caveat Lectores will dedicate the money you send to support such worthy causes as the WJCarnes Relief Fund, continuing research into wasteful spending habits and arrogant abuses of power.

And oh Yes, have a Nice Day?


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