Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Even More Insanity

Why do working people vote for RePuPlicans and follow right wing conservative tea baggers like lemmings over a cliff when doing so is against their interests? It beats the f**k outta me.

In Florida, we have a RePuPlican legislature that would not be in power if it were not for public employees, other working people and retirees who perennially vote for them. The current legislature is committed to harming us, each and every one. This statement applies to most of the other state governments, as well.

There are some really good people who belong to the RePuP party and run for office. All Rs are not bad. Unfortunately, it is more fashionable for many to identify with what the R party claims it stands for, therefore, the Rs continue to be a force in politics.

RePuPs have done a much better job than the Democraps, until recently, of claiming to be the party of family, religion, low taxes. You name it and the Rs seem to have staked the claim for it. I say that the only reason the Dems took the White House and Congress was because G.W. Bush and the Neo-cons were so terrible at governing. The Ds did not win. The Rs lost.

Finally, enough people could get themselves together on the same day to vote in enough non-RePuPs to force a change. What we ended up with is uncertain. The uninformed right wing zealotry still makes a lot of noise and seems to be more numerous than maybe they really are. I say uninformed because they remain blissfully ignorant of any facts that will not sustain the opinions they gained from drinking the right wing kool-aid. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and company are like gods to those who want instant sound bites that establish a reason to be against progress. The remaining Rs and the right wing pundits have a genius for tapping into the fears of the citizenry.

If we are to believe the right wing noise, the Dems are a bunch of socialist, Marxist communist, fascist, homosexual loving demons intent on destroying the American way of life by taxing the people into submission, while taking the guns needed to sustain a defense against a tyrannical foreign born, Islamic President who wants to deliver the whole county to the terrorists by demanding that insurance companies offer health insurance to every man, woman and child who lives here.

Apparently, it is impossible to be a patriot unless you swear allegiance to a Christian god (?) who wants to make sure only Americans of proper ancestry have access to the benefits of society. Your patriotism must include a desire to dismantle the same government that provides any service you do not want or believe others should enjoy.

What is the point? I got it out of my system. That is the point. Now I will go back to work.

And Oh yes, have a nice Day?


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