Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Forgiving Jim Greer and the Florida RePuPs

We should leave former Florida RePuPlican Party Chairman Jim Greer and some of the other RePuPs who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar alone. They were not stealing money from their constituents. They were merely doing what is expected of the upper crust. They were living large. Give ‘em a break. OK, maybe it was tax evasion not to report personal expenses paid by the party as income, but isn’t it the American way to cheat the government out of taxes? Lighten up.

Now that the Rs can no longer deny the stupidity and greed of what was going on, they have to pillory somebody. Jim Greer and Ray Sansome are the delegated scapegoats. A few others will get the gaff as well, but they have done nothing they were not expected to do. You do not really expect the party of the wealthy to do anything different do you? Why have money if you cannot waste it? Remember, the wealthy contribute the money, but the middle class votes for the conservative, right wing, family values hypocrites hoping some of the wealth will trickle down to them. BOHICA.

Sure, what is left of the RePuPlican leadership will feign surprise and revulsion, cry crocodile tears and want to move on as if nothing happened once the credit card records reach the public domain. Did it never occur to anyone that the money being spent was from the political war chest? You did not really expect them to pay for their private jets and other basic wealthy class needs out of their own pockets.

Let’s forgive and forget. After all it was RePuPlican donor’s money, certainly not mine they were squandering. Well maybe some of the tax dollars somebody was evading were charged to you and me, but let’s just be Christian about this and forgive them their trespasses as they trespass against us and conspire to take your pensions, outsource public education to corporate industry, destroy the environment but don’t get me started.

BTW, if I find the Democraps were doing the same thing, I will shout even louder.

And Oh yes, have a nice Day?


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