Friday, April 30, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Sine Die and Other Idiocy

News Flash: The Florida Legislature is about to adjourn and the Lector can hardly wait for them to drop the hankie on yet another disastrous session. Governor Charlie Crust, nearly Democrap but recently resigned RePuP and now InDuPendent, has fled the Capitol in fear that he may have to actually do something since Tallahassee is so near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

It will take a while to determine just how much damage the Florida Legislature did to the well being of its citizenry, but I am guessing they did a pretty sound job of it. An in-depth analysis will follow. It will take a few days to fully assess the damage. Public employees should be thankful things went no more badly in Tallahassee than they did. That is kinda like telling a rape victim it could have been worse.

Lectores MEPAC was not very successful in getting clients this week. I did not know it was the end of the session and most of the available PAC and lobbying money had already been squandered. We only collected enough for dinner but I promise to waste that fully.

And OH yes, have a Nice Day?


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