Saturday, April 3, 2010

Caveat Lectores on PF (political fairness)

Let’s get real here. Why is the Florida Democrat party so incensed about the spending habits of the RePuPlicans?

Simply put, it is none of their (my) business. If the right wing, socially and economically conservative, political base wants to donate large amounts of their personal and corporate wealth for the RePuPlican leadership to spend on high living , personal expenses and visits to sado/masochistic titty bars, what right do I, as a Democrat, have to complain. It’s not my money. Caveat Lectores does not donate money to the RePuPs. WTF.

Isn’t that what being part of the privileged class is all about? Pander to the uninformed masses and those who really do not know the score; take their money; then screw them further by wasting the money and legislating against their best interests. (Actually, a lot of the money was donated by the rich and corporations who expect a certain amount of excess.)

Why is this a scandal? Why should the government investigate for criminal activity? Could it be because money used for personal expenses and non-political purposes should have been reported to the IRS for tax purposes?

Maybe Alex Sink and others do have more than political gain in mind. I doubt it but hope the Ds are squeaky clean because somebody will be looking into the spending habits of the Ds before this is over.

And Oh Yes, have a Nice Day?


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