Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caveat Lectores on Racing to the Bottom


A couple of weeks ago the Lector penned a Rant about Gotminegetyourownitis.

That’s the story of retirees who have made their pensions and now look to their younger peers with disdain because they feel secure and are willing to throw others under the bus if they think it will further their security.

Now, we have another element of society who wants to be heard. That faction includes those who do not have something (pensions), and openly want to soothe their envy by taking it away from those who do. These feelings are not new and are understandable. Would it be a better idea to look for ways to move up the ladder rather than try to soothe the pain of deprivation by dragging others down to the bottom rungs?

When the middle class and below attempt to move up the ladder, the uber-wealthy must feel the same way. Here is the difference: The uber-wealthy are devoted to creating a system that makes sure they will be wealthy no matter what happens to the economy. The plutocracy they seek will enable them to make sure to exclude anyone not worthy.

They will make sure they succeed by watching and encouraging what is left of the middle class consume themselves by fighting to get to the bottom of the class system created by the wealth they control.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?

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