Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caveat Lectores on Changes at the Devil’s Neck


There is so much turmoil out here; the Lector does not know where to start in the effort to solve ALL the problems of the world. Rather than making any real effort to craft a positive impact, I think I will concentrate on the truly important subject of coming attractions at the Devil’s Neck Convention Center.

As you may know, the DNCC has not been a huge financial success, largely because no one has flocked to the DNCC in droves. Apparently, ALL of you feel the DNCC is a spoof on management seminars and retreats. Well, nothing could be further from erroneous.

The DNCC board has decided to change the focus to something a little more somber (profitable).

ANNOUNCING, the April 1, 2011, Grand Opening of Dr. Hooby Boo’s Tea Bagger Asylum (TBA).

Since the State of Florida is intent on privatizing health care for the elderly and poor. We will be positioned just right to take advantage of the windfall for those willing to make promises they cannot keep but at a profit. The pleasant atmosphere and friendly folks at TBA will be a much needed respite for the mentally deranged right wing nutjobs and tea baggers when they begin to see the folly of their quest to destroy government. Tea baggers get old too and very few of them are wealthy.

The new location of TBA is very, very near the former site of the DNCC. A coat of paint and a few landscaping additions and no one will recognize the place. Hell, no one saw it before.

What we need now are investors to complete the process (scam). The state will pay us a daily stipend to keep the tea baggers in quiet solitude (confinement). This cannot lose.

We are also planning an on-site mortuary to take care of the increase in the need for funeral services that will emerge as we deny healthcare to those who cannot pay. Whoever said health care rationing was bad for business is a fool. Dr. Hooby Boo is a mortician.

Call 1-555-UBN-DUPD for more details on how you too can become a zillionaire.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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