Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caveat Lectores on March 26, 2011

Most of the effort going into Caveat Lectores occurs on Saturdays. Monday-Fridays are supposed to be for labor attorney work and teaching at USF. On Saturday mornings, I usually read the papers with E/S along with a cup or three of coffee. When the caffeine kicks in, it is off to the word processor to bang out some syllables for the masses to consume and to relieve my blood pressure.

Sometimes, I get writer’s block and nothing comes out. Other times, the old brain is on overload from all the total bullshit that needs addressing. Today is one of those Saturdays.

I am so angry and frustrated with practically every facet of the world that I call mine I cannot get started. I do not know if it is writer’s block or a meltdown. Maybe it would feel a little better if it were a simple attack of schizophrenia. That can be treated to some extent with drugs and therapy. Drugs, whether legal or not, will not fix the problems we are facing. If I thought they would, I would sink into a drug induced coma until this blows over but that will not happen. The world may blow up but this insanity will not blow over.

WTF has happened is beyond my full comprehension. I am simply not smart enough to grasp it all, and I am kinda smart or so I thought.

This Rant will be broadcast to the whole world but will only examine the craziness in Floriduh. Much of it will translate to other states and countries with only a little bit of extrapolation.

The Floriduh Legislature is in session and nobody is safe except the wealthy. These are not disorganized random acts of legislative terrorism upon the general public. There is a plan. You are watching democracy fail before your very eyes.
• The poor and elderly are taking hits to medical care.
• Teachers and public education are being ravaged.
• Fire and police employees are in danger.
• Public employee unions are targeted for extinction.
• Public pensions are at risk.
• Environmental protection is on the hit list.
• The unemployed will suffer even more.
• All business regulation is under attack.
• More and more public school funds are being sent to private schools.
• Female reproductive rights are in jeopardy.
• Public not for profit hospitals are in trouble.

Let me be a little more specific:

•Most Floriduh state employees will now be required to submit to random drug testing for no reason other than the governor’s perverse curiosity to see what is in their body fluids. Naturally, tax payers will pay a private company to do this. Never mind that this has already been found unconstitutional. I have not seen the Executive Order, but there are a lot of issues this brings up that are not easily addressed in such a blanket mandate. Drug testing is a mandatory subject of bargaining, and Scott has not made that illegal YET.
• The Floriduh House of Representatives voted to make it illegal to deduct voluntary union dues from a public employee’s paycheck. Maybe the Floriduh Senate will recognize this is a mandatory subject of bargaining before enacting an unconstitutional law.
• Last year, former Floriduh Governor Crist vetoed a bill allowing politicians to create new campaign finance accounts within the political parties where they could raise unlimited contributions year-round; even during the legislative session. These “leadership funds” are currently banned in Floriduh, but legislators have been using the political parties to get around the ban. On Thursday, both houses of the republican controlled legislature voted to override Crist’s veto and Floriduh’s politicians now have new and extremely powerful avenues to raise special interest campaign money. BOHICA
• House Bill 7129 called “The Community Planning Act” would essentially “gut” state growth management requirements for cities and counties. It would undercut the rights of citizens to appeal inappropriate local government planning decisions, weaken the ability of local governments to charge developers for the costs of new roads and schools, allow large-scale development without any certainty that conservation lands will be preserved and seriously curtail state review of local plan amendments.

You will notice I avoided any mention of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, big oil, Obamacare, Darfur, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and most of the things I cited in a past Rants such as: Wing Nuts (left and right), Tea Baggers, Right Wing Conservatives, Ku Klux Klan, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Moral Majority, Dixiecrats, Racists, Sexists, feminists, Gay Baiters, Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, McCarthyism, Fascism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fundamentalists, Neo-Cons, Supply Side Economics, Trickledown Economics, Social Conservatism, Contract With America, Creationism, Anyone Named Jeb Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Peroutka, Jim Quinn, Dennis Miller, Ben Ferguson, Lars Larson, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Laura Ingraham, Mike Church, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Larry Elder, Kim Peterson, Neal Boortz, Michael Reagan, Jason Lewis And Ken Hamblin, John Burch Society, Koch brothers, Compassionate Conservatism, Common Sense Conservative, Conservative Talk, Constitution Party, Neo-conservatism, New Right, Old Right, Reactionary, Reagan Doctrine, Tea Party Movement, Traditionalist Conservatism, United States Republican Party, RPOF, Neoconservatism And Paleoconservatism, American Enterprise Institute, The American Spectator , Cato Institute, Chronicles Magazine, City Journal, First Things, Freedom Works, Humanitas, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Leadership Institute, Modern Age, National Review Policy Review, Project For A New American Century, The American Conservative, The Heritage Foundation, The Weekly Standard, Townhall.Com, Florida League of Cities, War, Hawks and Doves.

If you voted for these right wing nut job tea bagger scoundrels in the Floriduh legislature, you deserve what you are getting, but I did not vote for a one of them and do not deserve the abuse.

If you did not vote at all, you have failed yourself and should have to feel the pain even more. BOHICA

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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