Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Strange Days in Oz

There is a bizarre faction gaining form and focus in America politics right now that is brilliant in its concept but troubling in its direction. This movement wants to destroy government, and it is attacking the people who provide the services by demonizing them.

The saving grace may be that they are so disorganized. They are so diverse they have not been able to effectively organize, so far. They are not anarchists but do want to make sure they are affected as little as possible by government which might tend to get in the way of their ultimate goal which is money. Government reduces the potential profit a corporation can make when it regulates the way the corporation must operate and then further reduces the available profit further by requiring taxes to pay for services provided to all. This ain’t rocket science.

Corporations and business exists for only one reason and that is to make money. This is not evil. How do I know? I own businesses and stock in other businesses. The idea that a business exists solely to provide goods and services is naïve. The very idea that a business exists to provide jobs to a community is naïve beyond belief. Business provides goods and services that meet the needs of its customers so it can make a profit. Let’s keep the horse and the cart in the proper order.

Yes, I like to Rant and Rave about all kinds of things, but Caveat Lectores has making a profit as a goal. Otherwise, I could be drinking a Sunday afternoon beer right now and watching NASCAR. The services Caveat Lectores and Lectores Labor Consulting provide to its targeted market are designed to meet a need and hopefully provide profit to me. Yes, I believe my rants serve a worthwhile purpose, and I believe in what they contain. However, if I am spending all this time just getting things off my chest for the good of the order without receiving a little vig, I am what we call an extremist and need to spend some couch time with a shrink. (So far, we have made $7.41 from Google ads which are mostly anti worker garbage. Each click costs somebody money and makes a little for Caveat Lectores but please do not get me kicked off by over clicking. Some are interesting even though filled with lies.)

I love practicing labor law too, but if I did not charge for the service I would be called unemployed. (I put this in here because I just got an email from a prospective client who became incensed to find we actually charge for our services. Go figger.)

Some people look at any government regulation as oppression and any taxation as stealing from the rich to give to the undeserving poor. The poor are anyone not rich but needing service that costs the rich money. The buzz words popular today are “redistribution of wealth.”

The truly brilliant aspect of this movement is that they have found a way to use what is left of the middle class and other wage earner types to serve as the soldiers in the war against government.

The ruling nucleus of the anti-government forces is corporate America known as true Republicans. They are devoted only to the wealth that government robs from them and nothing else. They have built their partisan political ranks from a diverse group of Americans who frequently have limited single issue concerns, have little in common with the other and nothing in common with the rich. The rank and file Republican voter/soldiers are:

• Usually white, middle class or just people who want to better themselves but can only do so by dragging somebody down to their level.
• They are retirees who can be bought off by separating them from their working class roots by comparing them to modern workers who have it all and need to suffer.
• They are paranoid people who apparently lay awake at night in fear some unnamed government agency will separate them from their assault rifle so an intruder can sodomize and slaughter them before their family.
• They are afraid an immigrant, legal or otherwise, will take from them a job they do not want.
• They are people who know so little about politics, history and government their only response to it is to suggest we do what our forefathers would have done. Some of the most revered and admittedly brilliant owned slaves but never mind that.
• They are people who want to make sure we publicly pray daily to a Christian god and none other just like our forefathers intended, nearly all of whom were Deists who were very fearful of organized religion but never mind that.
• They frequently refer to salvaging the Constitution but have never read it or any history of it.
• They call themselves “conservative” but do not know what conservative means except not “liberal or progressive,” and they do not know what that means except some right wing TV or Internet pundit gave them a few sound bites to repeat.
• They are people who want to make sure a woman cannot end a pregnancy upon her choosing.
• They are people who want to make sure society can kill a criminal if desired.
• They want to protect cheap government by making sure unions do not infiltrate the same government they seek to destroy.

The right wing politicians and wingnut entertainment media, who people like me revile, are not the leaders, they are just the pawns and cheerleaders who keep the disenfranchised in constant turmoil over the possibility they may be overcome by the evil government and its even more evil government workers.

In an effort to disgrace these people and shame them into reality, I call them right wingnuts and tea baggers. All I want is for them to cease harming me and themselves. Caveat Lectores shows them the poisoned Kool-Aid their real enemy is trying to get them to drink to their own demise. The real tragedy is that these people are so troubled about their limited scope of concerns they will drink the poison from the paper cup even though they know what is in the Kool-Aid.

The Lector has a hard time accepting that.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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