Saturday, August 7, 2010

Caveat Lectores on 9/11 Healthcare Bill

OK…OK…OK. I Give Up. No matter how the Lector tries, I cannot compete with the really good stuff that comes from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, the Colbert Report, the Young Turks or Lewis Black. When any or all of them out Rant me, it is better just to refer to their work.

The failure of the 9/11 Healthcare Bill to make sure the first responders and others who risked their lives and long term health are properly taken care of is a disgrace for Democrats as well as rePuPlican right wingnuts and teabaggers who should never be allowed to politically outlive their stupidity.

It is time to get ugly. It is time to identify our enemies and punish them for their callousness. We must no longer encourage bad behavior among politicians or children by accepting it as normal.


And oh yes, have a nice Day?

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