Saturday, June 12, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Whipping Boys and Easy Targets

“Spurred by state budget crunches and an angry public mood, Republican and some Democratic leaders are focusing with increasing intensity on public workers and the unions that represent them, casting them as overpaid obstacles to good government and demanding cuts in their often-generous benefits.

Unlike past battles over the high cost of labor, this time pitched battles over wages and pensions are being waged from Sacramento to Springfield to New York City and the conflict is marked by its bipartisan tone, with public employee unions emerging as an intransigent public enemy number one in cities and state capitals across the country.

They're the whipping boys for a new generation of governors who, thanks to a tanking economy and an assist from editorial boards, feel freer than ever to make political targets out of what was once a protected liberal class of teachers, cops, and other public servants.”

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This travesty occurs all over our country each day as the media and the politicians, the enemies of public service and even the public employees themselves make a mockery of the value of public employees to the citizens.

Now that the private sector middle class working man and woman have been tamed to the point of submission, so too must the public employee be destroyed. The last vestige of a successful middle class resides in the public sector workers and their unions. There is a class war going on that will have a greater effect on the American public than any conflict in the last fifty years.


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