Saturday, June 19, 2010

Caveat Lectores on the Reality of Public Sector Employment

After drafting the previous Rant, I decided to do a little research on the Internet about public sector work and the unions that represent public sector workers. I searched for “public employee unions” on YouTube to see what would come up.

The reality, as found in my search, is that it seems the entire media and right wing conservative world is out to destroy the livelihood and future of public employees which make up the bulk of the middle class who really support the economy. Is this an overstatement? Maybe, but not by much. If you want to know exactly what they are saying about you, you will have to go to the YouTube search described above because I am not going to copy and paste for you. What is out there is dismal. I will provide a summary and a few examples, however.

The videos that condemn public sector workers and their unions run about 4 to 1 over positive messages. The negative messages, of which Fox News leads the pack, are vicious and filled with lies and half truths at best used to condemn all public employees as if all are gluttons feeding at the public trough thus leading to the absolute and total annihilation of America’s god fearing, hard working non-union private sector workers and otherwise generous and fully ethical corporate America whose whole purpose is to provide good paying jobs BUT FOR the greedy firefighters, teachers, cops and other public employee miscreants who do nothing but wait on the opportunity to retire to a lavish pension all at the expense of the innocent taxpayer. Wow, that was a headful of words. Sentences come out like that when I am pissed beyond reason.

The laser beam death ray is now focused on you the public sector worker because corporate America and the right wingers have largely won the war against so much of the private sector unions and the privates sector workers in this country.

I do not want to sound like a perpetually looped recording here, but some names and organizations are consistently present in the condemnation of public employees. Here are a few: John Stossel from Fox News, Reason TV, Conservative News Media, Glenn Beck Show on Fox News. Oh but yes, I must not forget Newt Gingrich and CPAC. (The web addresses are below in case the hyperlinks do not attach properly.)

The terms, rePuPlican, right wing conservative, tea baggers and wealthy elitists who prey on ignorant dumb fucks, came to mind when I surveyed who was spreading the lies. None of these jerks are middle class working people. They put forth lies as if true and are not held accountable by their viewers because their viewers are too self-absorbed or truly uninformed to realize the ruling class is encouraging the victims to drink the right wing Kool-Aid.

We, on the union side of things, do not like to admit this, but a major part of the working class, who make up the bulk of union membership and all of public employment, wants to pretend that, if we emulate the wealthy and powerful, we will be absorbed into the group. Bullshit! Trickledown economics did not work for Reagan’s sycophants, and it will not work for the tea baggers either.

Middle class and working class are terms that some people want to avoid so as not to have it applied to them but as long as we work for a paycheck or live off a pension, we are middle class at best. What is wrong with being prosperous and middle class…NOTHING. Get over it. Any union member, public employee or working person who provides aid and assistance to someone who advocates against his/her own self interests is a traitor to himself. Oops, I hope I did not hurt anyone’s sensitive feelings.

And oh yes, have a Nice Day?

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