Saturday, October 10, 2009

Caveat Lectores on the Nobel Peace Prize

At first, I was merely surprised, not stunned, that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." He is young and has not had fifty years of failure mixed with success to provide support that he is deserving. I filed it in the knowledge bin like all the other announcements of like nature and moved on. But then, I started to feel the pressure of the explosion of bigotry and right wing revulsion from those elements of American society who cannot accept that a dark knight could be so well thought of by a world community that has accepted that a non-white, non- Anglo Saxon can actually be a leader.

I assume the racists made loud protests when Dr. King won the prize in 1964 and maybe less so when Archbishop Tutu won. Nelson Mandela caused some controversy as have many others even if not cursed with dark skin. Al Gore won the prize because of his work trying to convince the world about climate change, and there is still a too large segment of our country that does not accept that reality. I assume many of those same people really believe the world was created in six days.

Rather than be proud of American accomplishment, there are those among us who want to denigrate the honor. We Americans do not control the committee who makes the decision. That must be pretty hard for some to accept. My opinion of the validity of the award is as valueless as all the others who agree or disagree on whether the President of the United States, who some still believe is a foreigner, is worthy. Somebody else made the decision. Get over it.

Here is what I say to my President who has now become a Nobel Laureate.

I am a proud American who is proud of the honor bestowed upon you. Now get your skinny brown ass in gear and become the peacemaker somebody thinks you are. You are fighting two wars. There is nothing to win. You did not start them, but you must figure out a way to end the madness, or you should give back the award and the cash.

And oh yes, Have a nice day!


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