Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caveat Lectores from Devil’s Neck to Sleepy Hollow

This begins with the caveat that the Lector has a three beer buzz going that motivates this Rant.

E/S and I had lunch at the Sleepy Hollow biker bar just down the road from Devil’s Neck. People know about Sleepy Hollow ( who never heard of Floral City. We ended up there after deciding to just drive around until we found it.
Here are the directions: leave the house on Devil’s Neck and keep turning right until you get there. That is all I can tell you. Other people find it. So can you. Apparently, riding a motorcycle will make it easier to find because nearly everyone there is on a bike. There were a few cars and trucks, nearly all of which were American made. There was only one M3 in the afterthought car lot so my car was easy to find when we left.

I loved the place. Actually it was the people I loved. Let me describe the demographics:
· Lots of facial hair on the men
· Ponytails abound on men and women
· Weathered faces, more burned by the sun than tanned on the beach
· Tattoos
· Beer bellies are common except on the really skinny women
· Lots of Marlboro Red lung bleeder smokers
· Budweiser is the beer of choice for this crowd
· Jeans and boots everywhere
· Not a lot of silicone enhanced breasts or face lifts
· Leather vests, ball caps and do-rags
· Vietnam vets are noted as are Marines
· VFW and American Legion are making a comeback
· The crowd is getting older, three wheelers are common
· The band plays both types of music, Country AND Western
· Their version of Cocaine sounded like it should. J.J.Cale would approve
· There were some pseudo bikers, but these people work for a living
· I would like to think they made up more than the average of union members
· I really liked them and being there although I doubt we would agree on politics

We need a lot more people like that, but they were not racially or ethnically diverse. Affirmative action is not an issue but I suspect they have the capacity to accept a lot more than it looks like. Anyone who earns their respect would fit right in.

If you are ever near the house on Devil’s Neck, just ask for directions to Sleepy Hollow. Everyone knows how to get there.

And oh yes, have a nice day.

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