Sunday, October 25, 2009

Caveat Lectores on New FTC Rules

In the interest of full disclosure and open and honest transparency about the relationship among me, Caveat Lectores and Lectores Labor Consulting, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lectores Information Technology, LLC, please let me state this: This whole operation is designed to figure out a way to pay for my insane desire to help public employees live a better professional life. Everything about this is commercial with the intent to sell something and give me an outlet for what is sometimes my rage disguised as a civilized Rant called Caveat Lectores.

There are some new FTC rules coming out in December 2009 that I do not yet fully understand, but I want to beat the rush to submit to government censorship.

Lectores Labor Consulting and Lectores Information Technology, LLC gives me free copies of the books and CDs that I wrote in order to allow me to plug them in my Blog. I admit it. I would allow them (me) to pay me (myself) bribes, if there was any money flowing from this.

Now, I feel so much better. Long live government censorship.

Please review the advertisements and order something. If it were not for my intense desire to impress rather than annoy, these Rants would be a lot more severe.

And oh yes, have a nice day!


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