Sunday, October 18, 2009

Caveat Lectores on FLSA Overtime, Again!

Apparently, the Ft. Myers, Florida newspaper did not read my blog on overtime a couple of weeks ago. It is found here at:

The media and nay sayers are attacking firefighters in Lee County for making too much money by working the overtime their employer requires someone to work. They either volunteer or are ordered to do so and then are attacked because they are paid according to a federal law. It is a law, stupid! Does someone have a hard-on for public employees or what? Since when is working long hours and doing a good job such a sin?

Yes, times are bad in Lee County. A concocted tax revolt and sinking economy has made taxes scarce. So let’s attack the public employees for doing their jobs. That will make it all better. What a bunch of #^*&$# numbnuts.

One of the major cities in Lee County has even asked its employees to take a “voluntary “ pay reduction. Never mind there is a union that bargains wages. The city even put a deadline for taking such a cut in pay. How can you put a deadline on something you want people to do voluntarily? The cutoff was Friday. I wonder if the same city “fathers” requested its citizens to voluntarily pay a little more in taxes to pay for the services they receive. There are about 600,000 people living in Lee County. $1.66 per person per year amounts to nearly $1 million dollars to pay for needed services. Instead, they attack their firefighters and ask the employees to volunteer to take a pay cut after layoffs did not save enough money. Go figger. There must be something in the water that causes complete loss of reasoning ability.

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