Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caveat Lectores: Abolish Collective Bargaining Now


The Lector has the answer to the problems with government funding. Abolish collective bargaining. Removing any rights afforded public employees in the past will solve all the financial woes created by a myriad of sources. It is that simple. That is what a Nebraska legislator has suggested. Read all about it right here.

JFTDC. Life is so simple to simpletons. I wonder if the numbnutz who suggested this is a right wing nutjob or just an insensitive buffoon completely subjugated to the interests of the wealthy. Or are they the same?

That same news article mentions North Carolina as a shining example of what happens in a state where bargaining is forbidden and employers are free to set terms and conditions of employment unilaterally. I wonder if NC state and local governments are having economic difficulty. HMMMMM. Yes, they are. Maybe unionized public employees did not cause the problems.

Ok, perhaps denying what should be a basic human right will not solve all the problems of government, but I have an even better idea.

Government should refuse to bargain all agreements with vendors and just pay what is financially expedient according to the whims of the day. The tax payers will save a lot of money this way. If no one wants to sell goods and services at the unilaterally determined price, the government can just require the vendor to deliver the goods and services or else.

Why did I not think of that before? BOHICA

And oh yes, have a nice Day?

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