Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Sanity, Relevance and Peace of Mind. 12-04-2010

Recently, the Lector commented on Facebook as follows:

“A look at the Caveat Lectores statistics for the month indicates we lost three readers. YES!! We must be doing something right. Remember: Read at your own risk. " plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas!"

Caveat Lectores is sometimes a morsel of unvarnished truth flavored with a ...dash of humor. Rarely too tough to swallow but occasionally a little tough to chew.”

Here is the Caveat Lectores warning to its readers: “Read at your own risk. You may learn something you did not want to know about ALL Public Employees: Firefighters, Paramedics, Law Enforcement, General Employees and Teachers.

Caveat Lectores mission: to incite you to smile or frown at what you read here. If it does neither, it is a waste of our time.”

After that post, we promptly lost about 35 more “Friends.” I guess that tells me there were quite a few who have been observing my Rants without agreement but quietly allowing them into their Facebook world. When I laid down the gauntlet, they made their feelings known by turning Caveat Lectores off. Or it could be because I sometimes punctuate the Rants with vulgarity and various forms of profanity. Or it could be because I constantly try to insult right wing nut job conservative rePuPlicans and Teabaggers. Or it could be because they are just tired of reading my Rants.

I recently received a phone call from a good friend and client who is a Republican union leader. He expressed concern that I was going too far to the left in the Caveat Lectores Rants. It was just after the midterm elections, and he felt that the right wing nut job conservative rePuPlicans and Tea baggers had now become mainstream. He suggested that my sanity and relevance were in question.

Sanity has been an issue for me since I left the relative security of the fire service for the unknown world called “labor lawyer land.” I knew I was casting my safety line aside for the insecurity of doing things my way. It is a curse not a blessing to think you are smarter than the other members of the wolf pack. I may be insane but have enjoyed every minute of my insanity.

Relevance is what really matters to me. I will miss some of my “Friends” but will continue to Rant about the things I feel are important to public employees; those who receive the services they provide and pay their salaries.

Comments are always welcome. I just ignore the ones that do not agree with my support for employees.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?

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