Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caveat Lectores 0n Unemployment and Jobs 12-18-2010

OK…. Maybe the Lector is an idiot but maybe not. The politicians of the state of Florida and the nation for that matter, rePuPlican, Democrap and Tea Bagger alike, are stuck on the subject of jobs. There is an unemployment rate (UR) crisis. No Shit!

If UR for the nation is 9.3%, and the Florida UR is 12%. That Sucks! The UR for The Tampa Bay area is 12.6%. That Sucks … even more!

So what is the answer that politicians suggest will fix the problem of unemployment?
• Lower taxes for rich
• Borrow more money to pay for essential government services
• Reduce Social Security (FICA) taxes in a system that is starving for cash
• Reform and reduce government
• Take away pensions from government workers or at least reduce them
• Layoff government workers
• Reduce government regulation of business
• Reduce environmental regulations
• And on and on ad nauseum

Question: OK, what is there about these suggestions that will create jobs?

Answer: Not a FUCKING thing!

We are consumed by the economic malaise that covers our country. Things just are not as good as when we were borrowing dirty money on homes whose prices were inflated beyond reality to pay for things made elsewhere. Things are not as good as when we were making imaginary money on stocks from companies that did nothing more than sell stock. (ENRON)

Since Bernie Madoff and a host of others got caught in their Ponzi schemes, investors cannot get obscene returns on investments. How is our country supposed to survive without imaginary profits to support the wealthy?

The obvious answer is to dismantle government and put public employees out of work or at least back into subsistence level wages and benefits along with much of the private sector. Make it easier for unscrupulous businesses to cheat the public and ruin the water and air we breathe. Make sure that the livelihoods of our older citizens are ruined so they must work until death or dementia to avoid starving. That will make the employment rate soar.

When we were last involved in an even worse economic meltdown, called the Great Depression, we came out of because of the economic vitality that came to the USA because we supplied the world’s war effort with war products. We had the industrial capacity to manufacture and sell death all over the world. That will not work this time.

So what will work? It beats me. I have some ideas but none of them include what the leaders of this country are suggesting right now.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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