Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Minorities and Politics 12-12-10

The Lector has been nearly silent since the November midterm elections disaster. I am not sure exactly why except that I was just trying to get a fix on where we are heading with all this. Where the ship is headed is more important than reliving its sinking. Quite simply, the middle class, the working but soon-to-be-poor and the pseudo-wealthy wannabees screwed themselves on Election Day. The chronically poor just sat back and watched the rape of social civilization like they usually do. I am tiring of worrying about the minorities, the poor and oppressed when they will not even vote.

But who are the minorities, the poor and the oppressed? Well….let’s see if I can identity a few of the traditionally recognized minorities:

• African Americans are the most visible because they are a different color. Their leaders make a lot of noise about their plight and their numbers. However, they do not spend money on elections, and worse yet they do not vote in sufficient numbers to achieve the impact they desire.
• Women are the most numerous, but they do not spend money on politics, either. They are easily splintered into factions who will vote against their best interests.
• Union Members spend money through their unions but not from their wallets. Unfortunately, many do not even vote which could be a good thing because they are even more splintered and vote consistently against themselves.
• Senior Citizens are a cruel joke. They make a lot of noise but their focus is so limited they are unreliable, self-centered and interested only in things that will last long enough to outlive them. Right wingers count on the adage that liberal people become more conservative as they get older.
• Gays and Lesbians come under the heading of “do not play well with others.” They will spend money and are usually quite liberal and somewhat numerous but ineffective without support from other minority groups. Because they are not fully socially accepted as a political force, they have to reside in the shadows for fear of alienating their not so loyal “friends.” The G&L community is a part of all the other groups and will side with any group that will endorse its agenda.
• Religious Factions are potent but inconsistent. Sometimes liberal; sometimes conservative, but only if it comports with their idea of what their “god” would endorse. Remember, they rely on direction from religious leadership that claims a special connection to something or someone who may not exist except in the faithful imagination of believers. They will flip in a heartbeat.
• Ethnic Minorities are growing rapidly but not politically visible, do not spend money and do not vote as a group because their interests are so diverse.

Wealthy People and Corporate Interests are neither poor nor oppressed. They are the smallest minority of all, but they are easily the most potent. They vote and spend money to get the other minorities to vote against themselves. They have successfully bought the most powerful legislative majorities in recent history.


For the first time in my adult life, I am truly concerned that the right wing conservative nutjobs may do harm to me and others like me that will not be undone in my lifetime.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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