Sunday, September 5, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Statistics, Lies and Damned Lies

The Lector has been doing some in depth research into what the American public thinks about certain subjects. Frankly, I was shocked. Below is what I found and below that are the citations for the sources of this knowledge.

• 62% of the American public believes there is an afterlife.
• 71% have adopted a religion.
• 14% are gay but only 30% of gays are women.
• 18% of the American public thinks Obama was not born in the U.S.
• 46% of Republicans believe Obama is Muslim.
• 77% of Tea Partiers believe Obama is Muslim.
• 86% of Tea Partiers do not know what “tea bagging” means.
• 12% of the American public thinks there are extraterrestrials in our midst.
• 44% of Republicans think the US would be better off without government interference.
• 98% of Democrats think taxes are necessary for government to operate.
• 100% of what you have just read was made up by me with no factual basis whatsoever.

See how easy it was to just spout “facts” with no basis. Some of you believed the bullshit at least for a few seconds. If it was a Fox News analyst spouting the falsehoods, think how many people would still believe the bullshit?

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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