Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updated: Caveat Lectores on the Devil’s Neck Labor/Management Kumbaya Retreat

Things have really taken off this year with the Devil’s Neck Labor/Management Kumbaya Retreat. We are completely sold out in only a couple of weeks.

PLEASE!! No more reservation requests. This has been a pleasant nightmare dealing with all the calls and emails, but there just is no more room at the Devil’s Neck Conference Center until we can schedule another session in a few months.

BTW: I just finished reviewing architectural renderings with Dr. Hooby Boo, the world renowned convention center designer, who is drawing the plans to add a second and third story.
• First story will be entry and kitchen/bar, office suites and entertainment center.
• Second story will be housing for attendees. (The Gator Bait Lodge has been less than satisfactory for the management participants. Something about the fact that there were real alligators on the premises. They really are pussies and whiners.)
• Third story will be the actual classrooms. We are having problems getting elevator approved as they now call it a low-rise building. Maybe we will just skip the classrooms. Nobody will use them anyway.

We will still offer the Deluxe Seminar that allows those who can afford to go first class to attend and get the full certification without the inconvenience of attending. This is long distance learning at its finest. Call for details.

Anyway, back to the real issue here. We are a little short on financing. While I considered making a stock offering available, the BoD suggested we just re-form the LectoresIT, LLC as a 501(c) 3 not for profit and take donations. LIT never makes a profit anyway so why not make it easier for the investors to take the tax write off. Why didn’t I think of that?

Any donations over $5000.00 should be made out to the WJCarnes fund or Mr. Cash. Anything less should be in bills, $20.00 or smaller, and delivered to me. No phone calls please. My CPA Hooby Bah says tax and wire fraud are a bitch to defend. Why call a lawyer when you can get legal advice from your accountant?

And Oh yes, have a nice day?


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