Saturday, March 27, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Caveat Lectores’ First Year

OK. Here is what happened. I awakened this morning, a Saturday, and had to go to the office at 0715 because E/S had a meeting to attend and I had left my car at work Friday night. (No, I was not drunk, we were saving fossil fuel.) Last night we went to see E/S’ youngest grandchild, other than O/P, perform in her senior class play. Wow!! M/C is talented. She was the second lead in Sweet Charity, playing a taxi dancer... but that is another story.

Once I got to the office, depression covered me like a wet blanket because there is a Grand Prix race across the bay, and I am not there. To move on with life, I took the ‘88 M3 out for a “get it up to temperature” trip which included 7900 RPM shifts. Nobody is on the Cross-town Expressway at 0800 on Saturday morning. Life is good.

When I got back from the short trip in the M car, I decided to draft a Rant for Caveat Lectores, but nothing was inside that needed to escape. I was an empty shell, nothing more than a walking shadow, a poor player who had strutted and fretted my hours upon the stage of blogdom only to be heard no more. Was Caveat Lectores nothing more than a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? No racing and no blogging all in the same day. WTF!

I decided to do some analysis of the history of Caveat Lectores to determine if it had all been a waste. Not being a capable statistical analyst required me to call on Dr. Hobby Boo to peek at the stats. Here is what the good doctor found.

Caveat Lectores made its official debut on March 28, 2009, with a blog entitled “If You Ain’t Got Good Politics, You Ain’t Got Nothin’!” Caveat Lectores did not begin tracking the numbers until January 10, 2010.

In about two and one-half months, Caveat Lectores has attracted 384 loyal readers from 257 cities in 38 states and 10 countries. Naturally, we get many more hits because of the return readers looking at all the different Rants. There has been something less than 10 million total visits.

Without even considering the total number of public employees who make up the potential readership of Caveat Lectores, Dr. Hoobie Boo estimates there are 384,000 active professional fire service employees in the U.S. That means Caveat Lectores may have attracted about .1% of all the possible firefighters who could enjoy the value of reading Caveat Lectores.

We are on a roll and must increase the momentum. At the rate Caveat Lectores is growing; counting the exponential increases and tangential variables; multiplied by the incidental components; reduced to present value divided by .1%; coupled with the GNP and factoring in leap year and blue moons, Dr. Hooby Boo suggests that Caveat Lectores will celebrate its 77th birthday before there are enough readers to make me rich. JFTDC that sucks!

Here is what you can do to make Caveat Lectores a worldwide success.
• Contact your friends and colleagues and get them to subscribe to Caveat Lectores.
• Suggest your Face book friends become fans of the Caveat Lectores by Jeff Carnes Group.
• If all else fails, please just click on the Caveat Lectores blog site 10 times a day to make it appear that a lot of people are viewing the Blog. I am OK with delusional success.

And Oh yes, Have a nice Day?


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