Monday, November 8, 2010

Caveat Lectores on the Devil’s Neck Political Disaster 11-08-10

E/S and I traveled to the Devil’s Neck this weekend to get away from the fun in Tampa after the election. It was just one celebration after another for us as we joined in the celebration of imagining the prospect of having a world governed by right wingnuts and tea baggers. JFTDC we are screwed. One and all. The only consolation is that most of those who voted for an R last week will suffer just as much as I will suffer. That is little solace.

Judging from the comments and bumper stickers we saw, the lands adjacent to the Devil’s Neck Convention Center are owned largely by tea baggers and right wingnuts.

Even Alliburton Gator was in hiding until after our friends, who shall remain unidentified to protect them from ridicule, left the property. Dr. Hobby Boo has not been heard from since Tuesday night.

I can report that I own a Rick Scott bumper sticker that Dr. Hooby Boo removed from the bumper of a tea bagger. I hope he was not found out. Maybe that is why he has disappeared.

The Lector will wait a couple of more days before entering the fray so see what really happened to him. More to come. Now GET TO WORK.

And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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