Friday, November 26, 2010

Caveat Lectores on Business Regulation

I hate regulations. Regulation keeps me and my law practice and Lectores Labor Consulting from just doing anything, no matter how unethical or illegal that seems like it will make a profit. In fact, none of what I could do would even be illegal without those pesky regulations. OK, maybe I have an internal moral compass that guides me as well, but all those rules are stifling. We know that the competitive markets will govern themselves if just allowed to do so without government interference. Right?

The right wing conservative nut jobs are screaming for less regulation saying it is this over regulation that is causing all the unemployment and economic malaise. Let’s just get back to the old days when the meddling government stayed out of people’s lives. A time when a man could make a buck and keep it all.

Less Taxes + Less Regs + Fewer Unions! = More Jobs and Prosperity for All!

JFTDC. What about Bullshit cannot you understand?

The regulation of business is a necessary evil in today’s world. Our wonderful country has a long and fabled history of abusing itself in the name of profit. Slavery was actually legal. That was the ultimate lack of business regulation.

We are witnessing a time when business is now fully in control of the government. The fox is watching the henhouse and wants to tear down the walls. Corporate wealth has control of its sycophants who will do the bidding in any manner directed. We call them right wing conservative legislators. The price is high to own one of these.

The right wing is successfully blaming the economic woes of the country, created by the lack of following the most basic of ethical business rules, on the government and its public employees some of whom tried but failed to reign in the cheaters who sought profit above all else. Does burst real estate bubble ring a bell? Mortgage crisis? How about Enron? Bernie Madoff? Investment bankers?

Government is to serve all the people’s interests not just serve as a facilitator for business to profit.

I found a website called Corporate Narc,
that may interest you in what happened so far this year:


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