Saturday, April 21, 2012

Caveat Lectores on a Deprived Childhood

Somewhere along the way of growing up in my family, Mom and Dad just held me back from all I could have been. Maybe my brother and sisters suffered as well, but I definitely did not get the advantages that others in my era were afforded.

They deprived me of what it takes to hate. I am not sure why, but the feeling just is not there. Some of my contemporaries and others as well had the advantage of growing up in households where hate was endorsed.

I just cannot find it in myself to hate someone who is gay just because they are a homosexual. I just do not care. Why should I hate, if they are gay and I am not. I cannot find it within me to hate someone just because they are poor or even lazy or unintelligent. Their race or ethnic background… so what? Why hate them because they are different? I think many conservatives, most right wingers and all teabaggers are stupid, but I do not hate them. I just cannot get up the emotion to hate someone who believes in a different deity than me. My parents did not teach me that way. I feel so deprived or is it depraved? Wait a minute… I do hate cold weather and freezing rain.

 Know your enemies. Make them pay every day in every way, but do not waste time on hating them. And oh yes, have a nice Day?


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