Saturday, February 12, 2011

Caveat Lectores on Money Rape

February 12, 2011

A recent Daily Show segment accidently identified the core reason for the existence of right wing nut job and tea bagger resistance to democracy.

In this segment, Jon Stewart and correspondent Kristen Schaal discuss the definition of “rape” and how the rePuPlican House of Representatives is trying to redefine rape to eliminate federal funding for all but forcible rape.

In the discussion, they talk about the term “money rape”
She said, "Congress is redefining rape to protect us from the worst kind of rape...Money rape."
Money rape, she said, is "Forcible taking of taxpayers' money to pay for abortions. They have no say in the matter: they just have to lay back and take it while their bank accounts are violated over and over and over again."
Schaal explained: "You'd be surprised how many drugged, underage or mentally handicapped young women have been gaming the system. Sorry, ladies, the free abortion ride is over."

This is an important breakthrough in placing a term on what the right wing conservative nut jobs and tea baggers are really all about.

It’s about the money. We all knew that all along but it is more.

It is all about not having to pay for anything that the right wing nut job conservative and tea bagger does not receive a direct benefit or find appealing. Since they cannot find universal agreement on what to, they just really want to eliminate government.

We now have identified the definitive terminology for democracy. Money Rape.

Majority rule is dangerous. It allows the have nots to benefit from living in a society at the expense of the haves. It allows all citizens to participate in society. This Money Rape must end now.

Maybe we need to repeal democracy to avoid things like universal healthcare, collective bargaining, environmental regulation, public education. Holy shit!!

Maybe the right wing nut job conservatives and tea baggers have the right idea here, after all. Let’s really save some serious geetus by doing away with the armed forces and the police and the fire departments, libraries, roads, sewers and water supply. The list of government services provided for the good of all but at the expense of all is mind boggling. We need to stop the travesty in its tracks ASAP. The right wing nut job conservatives and tea baggers are doing their best to stop the things they do not like.

I had no idea that we could save all that money by just redefining rape to mean forcible rape.

We are headed in a direction at warp speed. Who knows where we will crash land? Or what will be left when we do? Where we go from here is up to us.

And oh yes, have a really nice Day?


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