Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caveat Lectores on the Internet and Social Media.

Leaked e-mails expose union labor plotThe Times of Trenton - NJ.comA Facebook group for the Robbinsville Professional Firefighters Association — IAFF Local 3786, the labor union that represents Robbinsville's fighters — has ...

This article is disturbing for several reasons.

First, it calls union activity a "plot" in an obvious attempt to discredit the union as if something legal they were trying to accomplish is a criminal activity. This is typical but annoying just the same.

Second, the “plot” became known because somebody “leaked” the message. Who knows, it may have been the union who leaked the information to make sure the employer would feel pain and know where it was coming from. If the message was leaked by a member, there is an internal problem that will have to be handled internally.

In the interim, here is the message. Do not trust secrets to anyone other than those who will be hurt be revealing the secret. JFTDC!! What does it take to keep our side from shooting us in the foot?

The next bit of this is too simple for words, but I will say it anyway.

Stop using social media for anything you do not want announced to the entire world.

Stop using the employer email system to discuss union business unless you want to announce what you are doing to the employer.

For those of you who have figured this out, you think I am nutz for even mentioning this because you think no educated labor person would do such a stupid thing. Well, you are wrong.

And oh Yes, have a nice day?


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